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To understand Tychocoin first we have to understand the concept of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is basically a form of digital currency and a peer to peer exchange system like a social network for online transactions, which is decentralized and has mo regulating authority minting any physical currency. Securing your money through cryptography and blockchain methods. There is a gradual growth in the use of cryptocurrency for the past decade evolving the ways of business and exchange. Tychocoin aims to become a stable cryptocurrency where the control of their currency is in their hands making it a transparent way transacting.

The Fastest Growing Network

The goal of Tychocoin is to create a marketing channel of digital currency making a foothold for the future in digital assets. Tychocoin through its powerful blockchain ensures a secure and transparent way of digital transaction. Tychocoin follows proof of work as per to the cryptocurrency standards. This is done to protect your right to distribute and freeze owner ship of coin.


A blockchain is basically a digital ledger technology that keeps a track of all the transactions made globally of a cryptocurrency. To simplify this we can say that a customer can make a transaction online and update it themselves making it a transparent yet secure structure. The blockchain is updated by users globally and by miners who keep the blockchain intact and secure. Tychocoin provides a decentralized infrastructure for a steady transaction chain incorporating all the parties. Below are some of the advantages of using blockchain technology.


The users update the blockchain themselves making it a transparent mode of transfer which eliminates the risk of fraud and theft.

User empowerment:

The user using a Tychocoin has all the information and control over all the transactions that have been made making the user more involved in the process.


The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes your money secure, as no federal agency or government can freeze or shut your account making it accessible anywhere and at any time.


The blockchain are updated by the users which is viewable by all the users creating a transparent structure. Any transaction that has been entered in the blockchain cannot be altered or deleted.

Powerful blockchain system:

The blockchain is a digital online ledger for keeping track of the transactions made online through cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency is decentralized and has no regulatory body to control the transaction the blockchian keeps the ledger encrypted for security and transparency. These ledgers are updated by the users and volunteers called miners. A blockchain is basically an encrypted code which keeps your transactions secure by keeping the data information in different blocks in the blockchain and miners have to find the code of the blocks to crack them and receiving the token as rewards. Tychocoin does not have a central regulatory authority and hence does not have any body to dictate when to create more currency. Miners can gain rewards from mining for the coins. But mining is not an easy process that is why the blocks are consolidated into shares which a miner can crack depending on the server setting. Each block has a different difficulty and once you crack a block the difficulty keeps increasing. Each share has a different block once cracked fewer total shares are required to find a complete block. This can simply be compared to actual bonds, where the more you accumulate the more chances of breaking a block. The other method is to request work from the server directly by the miners. Once requested the server side coin daemon will verify the block and check is the solution apt then is has the potential to become a block solution to be rewarded.

Shares (pay per block):

The block rewards would be distributed in the last share in this method. This simply means that the miner will get rewarded for solving the code of the block. Most of the pools work on fixed number of shares to mine or a fixed number of difficulties. Coins mined will not be

transferred to you immediately but after the whole transaction is verified by the network. This is used in the blockchain to stop double spending of the token, fraud and theft.


The aim of Tychocoin is to be available for every enterprise may it be small or large. Also help the common man to take control of their transactions and not be at the mercy of banks pay fees to transact their own money. Sole merchants and small and large corporate are also incorporating in Tychocoin to make the transactions secure and transparent. Majority of the merchants and enterprises want to find a way to get around the long and costly process of transactions. Tychocoin provides exactly that to its customers.

How does Tychocoin work towards its goal?

Tychocoin has been designed and run by cutting edge technology and works on one of the most powerful blockchain process. The trychocoin blockchain is a series of mathematical problems which are encrypted and miners have to find the solution coins. As it is designed to help the global enterprise and the common man in transitioning from the conventional money method to cryptocurrency. There is only a finite amount of Tychocoins which will be mined in the coming years making its price soar and help the customers to have a secure and transparent system. The pre mined Tychocoins aim to nurture the future of cryptocurrency and make a bold yet steady step into the world of digital currency.


The most important advantage of Tychocoin is that it works towards the advantage of the user to understand cryptocurrency and gives a stable platform to the user to save time and money by investing into the future of business and money.


Cryptography is where the term cryptocurrency is derived from. It is basically an encryption method to keep the information secure and safe. The Tychocoin wallet will provide you two keys to access your account, one a public key for the transactions and ledger update and other is the secure key which is sort of your digital signature and is for your personal information and use. No transaction can be made without the personal key making the system secure and your information safe. The blockchain also is one of the very important aspects that make the Tychocoin a safer option than any other coin.


The blockchain keeps the ledger public for everyone to view and update, keeping the transaction transparent. To further understand the ledger is updated by everyone and there are volunteers who keep updating the ledger for public view creating an open and

conceivable work structure. The customer is provided with a public key to view and update all the transaction details but none of the personal information of the user is ever seen by the people in the blockchain or on the network.

Control and accessibility

The user has all the control over the account as there is no regulatory authority over them controlling and watching over their transactions and account information. No federal agency, bank or government cannot freeze or shutdown your account as the currency is decentralized and these organization do not have jurisdiction over Tychocoin making your account accessible to you whenever and wherever you require.


Cryptocurrency is way more secure than convention currency as there is no physical existence in the form of coins or notes, Which in turn helps curbing the duplication of your currency making it secure to theft and fraud. Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography which itself is an encryption process making it one of the most secure way of transactions.

Value of Tychocoin

Being one of the flagship coins in making a transformation to the cryptocurrency from conventional currency makes it one of the most sought after coins in the market as, the investors in the coin are from the industry and have studied the fluctuations in the market. Further the Tychocoin is a stable coin making it a future investment like gold. Whose price will only increase cause of the structure of work that has been put into developing the method for the transactions in Tychocoin.

Cost efficient

Investing into Tychocoins is an investment as the coin is stable and the backed by the one of the strongest blockchain and the investors who believes in the view and the vision of the future of tychoocoin. Further Tychocoin is a legitimate venture whose price will grow cause of the stable nature of the coin and the gradual growth in changing the community in the years to come.


There is no regulatory authority that dictates Tychocoin of when to mint more currency. Only the standard money laundering regulations are applicable on Tychocoin as there is a potential in international trading. Tychocoin are always in favor for a proper and a legitimate business and follow all the regulations to protect the users and customer from fraud and theft. Tychocoin is the currency of the future for a safer and transparent business and in turn curbing corruption.

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